claw bear game

Welcome to the ARCADE!


How many times have you tried to win a Bear at the claw machine without success? Not anymore, not anymore.

The Claw Bear Game is a collection of 8,888 bears, each one has a different personality but they're all super cute. These Bears live on the Ethereum blockchain.

Grab a bear if you dare!

The Project.

CBG is not only an NFT art project, it’s the opportunity to be part of an arcade club that will bring a lot of benefits to the holders. Check our roadmap.

Each CBG Bear is designed manually, forget about getting a random programmed image without any sense. 

The bears will be released on small sub-collections but don’t worry, the 8,888 bears will be released. 

Each Bear will cost 0.01 Eth fixed price.




You’ll be given a chance to play an online Claw Machine, if you get a Bear, you’ll get sent another one from CBG to your wallet.


 Merch released, each Bear holder will have free merch because they’ve joined the arcade.


 CBG opens an arcade online just for the members.


 Each CBG holder will be provided with a physical art of a Bear.


 Throw parties around the world and on the metaverse, that will allow CBG holders to have VIP experiences. 

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